• Q&A: Support women to be ‘agents of climate action’

    Anita Makri


[LIMA] Gender is an important item on the agenda at the UN’s COP 20 climate meeting under way in Peru. Issues on the negotiating table include the goal of boosting women’s participation to improve the gender balance both in the talks and parties connected with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change process.

In this podcast, Lakshmi Puri, deputy executive director of UN Women, the UN body for gender equality and women’s empowerment, explains the links between gender and action against climate change. She also describes the progress made in acknowledging that climate change will affect women differently to men, as well as the need for gender equality in decision-making bodies.

Puri also outlines her expectations from Lima and her views on how to implement the gender agenda, including the need to plug the gender gap in data collection and analysis.