• Our top 10 most popular pieces of 2016

    Shannon Marie Harmon

An image gallery of robots that manage waste, a Spotlight opinion on practical ways to fight mental health stigma and a data visualisation about mapping blindness are all among key articles included in our 2016 round up of most viewed pieces on SciDev.Net:


10. How to advance your career in science

How do you get on the right path in your scientific career? Here we’ve distilled advice and tips from researchers.



9. Science meets farming to reveal Africa's best bean

As climate change hits home, the race is on to find beans that can withstand random weather patterns. 


8. Scientists race to halt banana catastrophe

The Tropical Race 4 fungus is killing this vital crop in Asia, the Middle East and Mozambique.


7. Periods are the next frontier of humanitarian response

Five simple changes in water and sanitation can help manage menstruation in crises, says Nicole Klaesener-Metzner. 


6. Get pragmatic to tackle mental health stigma

Evidence-based approaches can help poor countries overcome this major barrier to care, says Jagannath Lamichhane.


5. Mapping trachoma to eliminate blindness

Explore how a huge project targeting this infectious eye condition has set the standard for surveying disease.


4. Health risk from Peruvian oil spills still unclear

Two months after leaks, local people do not know if it is safe to drink, bathe in or fish in river water.


3. Use biotech to beef up climate fight

Poor nations shouldn’t miss out on advances such as lab-cultured meat and low-methane GM rice, says Jayson Merkley.


nanotech bandage.jpg

2. Nanotech bandage heals wounds in days

A team of Egyptian researchers is using nanotechnology to develop a bandage that speeds up wound healing.


1. Nigerian girls build robots to tackle waste

In these photos, schoolgirls in Abuja engage with science supported by the Odyssey Educational Foundation.